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Akeso welcomes feedback from all who undertake coaching through the Akeso Coaching Network. Below is a small selection of comments received.

  • I loved my coaching sessions; the coach was so approachable, striking the right balance between getting me to think of the answers myself, but guiding me in the right direction. She is an asset to the service.
  • It was extremely useful to carve out some time to reflect and talk about how I can improve my own wellbeing. The coach is a very engaged listener and is able to tease out a lot of my thoughts and sometimes unconscious ones. She is interactive about what I want to get out of the sessions and adapts depending on my (sometimes changing!) needs.
  • Very efficient organisation.
  • We established rapport immediately. The coach asked only relevant and sensible questions. He made me feel listened to and this lifted my mood, which has not been great lately. Furthermore, the advice he offered was relevant and useful.
  • I have found the sessions hugely helpful to date and really thank my coach for her time. My coach tailor made the session according to my needs. It was good to have set goals in the beginning.
  • My coach was really positive and set positive and achievable strategies; I think this will be extremely helpful for my own personal "care" in the future.
  • Thanks for your help and kindness in making some concrete steps from what seems to be a bit of a stressful career and personal muddle.
  • It was helpful to have someone patient and interested to listen to me. My coach had a good grasp of the relevant issues and a clear achievable plan.
  • I feel fortunate to have access to their skills and input at this challenging time.
  • It's been wonderful to have a unbiased party to discuss the challenges of working as a GP and also plan for a sustainable future career.
  • My coach is a great professional. I hardly met such a 360-degree doctor on my days in England.
  • A skillful listener. My coach knows both when to challenge and how to do it. As a result, there were a few "lightbulb" moments that I have not achieved by personal reflection.
  • My coach was patient, kind and knowledgeable. I felt she understood how to navigate being a portfolio GP and mother which suited my needs. I felt she really listened to the dilemmas I was facing and it was useful to explore other perspectives. It was helpful to be given small tasks that I was held to account to complete by following sessions.
  • I now have concrete next steps on achieving a fulfilling career.
  • My coach was excellent in helping me dive deep and figure out answers/strategies to start the process of mapping out my career and I'm looking forward to working with her over the next 6 sessions! Thank you!
  • As a result of coaching I am doing a Fellowship that I would otherwise not have had the drive or confidence to do.
  • I think this has been a really fantastic service, thank you so much.
  • I would like to thank my coach very much.She was validating and encouraging at every step and helped me to envisage myself as a leader and be more bold in my career aspirations and decisions!
  • It was great having time to talk to someone that 'understands' what being a GP entails was incredibly useful. Having the space to explore how I felt about things in a non-judgmental but supportive way helped me realise a lot about where I am at this time and why.
  • The coaching conversation as a type of professional conversation.





Are you at a Crossroads?

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